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How can I start using CryoCloud?

Simply send us an email to so we can add you our application. You can find more information on how to get started here.

Do I need to install anything?

No - you really just need a (simple) computer, internet access and an internet browser. We took care of everything else. Read more on it here

Can I access my data at all times?

Yes, you can always download your datasets and project directories. If you want to upload data or start new jobs you need to have an active plan. You can however download datasets or projects at all times from the dashboard.

Do I need to do the whole analysis workflow on CryoCloud?

No, you can download your data and metadata at any times and continue processing locally. You can also upload your data at any step to continue processing in CryoCloud, whether its movies, aligned frames, or particles.

How does your risk-free trial work?

If you are unsatisfied, you can cancel your plan within 30 days and we will refund you at 100 %. You can deactivate the subscription from your account settings.

Why do you have many different pricing options?

To cover diverse needs and make costs predictable and transparent, we provide different packages, bill storage separately and set job limits - think of it like a phone contract where some need 50GB of data while others can do with 5GB. You wouldnt want to pay for data you have not used, right? No matter your package, all users enjoy the same access to our high-speed instances.

What if I reached the limit of my paid packages?

If you reach your compute or user limit you can purchase additional packages to continue analysis.

What if my job crashes?

We monitor our hardware and will notice if something is wrong. If you notice other bugs or have feature requests, you can reach out to us at all times via our slack channel or via email.

What’s the difference between CryoCloud and setting up my own cloud solution for cryo-EM analysis?

CryoCloud is a fully-managed solution. In addition to our cloud resources, CryoCloud provides an intuitive UI, project, data & user management tools, and a dashboard that allows you to easily monitor your projects and share them with your colleagues. We also take care of all software installations and optimized each individual job to provide the highest speed and stability at predictable costs.

If you set up your own cloud, you have to take care of:

  • configuring the cloud architecture
  • configure & optimize hardware use for each software package
  • monitoring costs & preventing inefficient resource use
  • troubleshooting errors
  • software maintenance, updates and ensuring interoperability with other packages
  • storage & data management
  • access and permissions

...we took care of all of that for you! We offer a scalable end-to-end solution and the centralized aspect of CryoCloud allows us to offer it at a competitive price. Ask yourself what your focus should be on: solving protein structures or IT administration?